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SLOW TOURISM project, directed by DELTA 2000 and funded in the field of Italia-Slovenia 2007-2013 Programme after the deliberation of the Regional Council of Friuli Venezia Giulia during last April, started its activities on last May 2010.

The project is articulated in 7 Workpackages including the several project activities:

  • WP1 Coordination and management
  • WP2 Strategic planning
  • WP3 Joint development of slow tourism through pilot actions
  • WP4 Joint marketing
  • WP5 Information
  • WP6 Preparatory activities
  • WP7 Communication planning

A short list of the carried out and in progress activities, divided for WP, will follow


  • A project Committee has been constituted and it is made of a representative of each partner, with the task to follow the actuation of the project WPs, to edit reports about the carried out activities and the requested financial reports, to participate in meetings and in all the activities necessary to realize the project, including the coordination, financial and administrative management activities.
  • The first of the 3 foreseen project meetings has been organized: the Kick off meeting held in Cervia on last 18th and 19th May 2010, was the first meeting occasion among all the project partners (26) to discuss about the activities to be realized. 
  • Has been organized the Intermediate Meeting, Quarto d'Altino (VE) on 8 and 9 June 2011, which brought together 18 partners to define the state of the project and decide on the lines to follow for the future.


  • The context analysis  has been concluded, through a recognition of the state of fact of the local offer, of the points of strengthen and weakness of tourist resources and products, with the aim to identify the starting situation in each area with reference to the tourist products that are intended to be started from the beginning, to strengthen and increasing them on the basis of “Slow tourism” concept.
  • From the guidelines have emerged aimed to structure integrated tourist product "slow tourism" with reference to the different segments in the existing and potential tourism (bird watching, barging and along rivers, cycling, etc..) and a Disciplinary  "slow tourism"  for the public and private tourist operator;
    At the same entertainment activities were held locally and awareness through the implementation of 10 workshops (5 in Italy and 5 in Slovenia) - Calendar


  • Local meetings in partners areas for operators in order to diffuse Slow culture and promote produced tools in the field of WP2 ended. Therefore, the registration form to join in slow tourism circuit has been created, turned to all stakeholders and local tourist operators, registrations are in phase of collection. It is possible to join in the network downloading the Expression of Interest from www.slow-tourism.net website.
  • Therefore, Partners activities were started to realize pilot projects aimed at structuring slow points for birdwatching, river tourism, naturalistic tourism, sport tourism and cycle-tourism.


The joint common project logo and some joint material have been created: poster, roll-up, “Slow Territories” brochure and Slow itineraries of Italian and Slovenian areas are in phase of definition for the brochure dedicated to them. All the produced material will be helpful to diffuse and promote the project and the “slow” tourist itineraries.


Information activities for tourist operators of Slow circuit of areas involved in the project will start soon: the training program for guides and operators will be made of a theoretical part, turned to the diffusion of concepts of slow tourism, produced guide lines, etc. and a practical part, realized through “territory lessons”, the organization of a specific study tour in each partner area to make slow circuit known. In the meanwhile educational activities will be defined for schools, with reference to slow tourism, eco-friendly and responsible tourism issues, with activities of animation and information towards schools in all partner areas and with the creation of educational material and the organization of study tours for school decision makers to visit equipped slow points and sensitize on slow issues.


The activity, already ended, referred to the planning activities aiming at the joint definition of the project proposal.


  • Activity already ended, the presentation conference of the project, held in Cervia on last 20th May 2010 and where participated, besides Mr. Nevio Salimbeni, Councillor for Tourism in Cervia Municipality, Mauro Conficoni and Giancarlo Malacarne from DELTA 2000 – Lead Partner of the project Emilia-Romagna and the different delegates of the Provinces, Parks and bodies partners of the project, involving 14 Slovenian, 7 from Veneto region, 2 from Friuli Venezia Giulia region and 4 from Emilia-Romagna region partners.
  • The project website has been realized: www.slow-tourism.net, where it is possible to see how the project is structured, involved partners, in progress activities, and all materials will be realized in the field of the project, constantly updated.
  •  electronic newsletter has been realized:
    Newsletter N. 1 
    Newsletter N. 2 
  • Therefore, n. 67 articles on the project in the program area have been realized.