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Project Description

SLOW TOURISM project involves 30 partners coming from all the eligible areas of the program and it has a total duration of 36 months. The partnership is made of Local Development Agencies and Local Action Groups, institutional bodies as Provinces, Municipalities, Park bodies, the Sciences Department of Trieste University and bodies specialized in tourist marketing sector.

The project aims at increasing and promoting slow tourist itineraries in Italian and Slovenian area, particularly involving the territories with naturalistic and environmental peculiarities as park areas, protected areas, the presence of river courses, through the structuring of slow tourist circuits and itineraries.

SLOW TOURISM in fact aims at supporting and increasing forms of slow tourism and at structuring eco-friendly tourist niche products, through interventions turned to the integration and putting on the net of environmental and rural resources for the joint and integrated development of tourist potentials, through the creation of a circuit and with actions of promotion and increasing of “Slow Tourism” net in the cross-border area of High Adriatic, as well as through impact pilot projects on the whole territory. Besides the interventions of marketing, training, communication, the project will be realized through the organization of real “Slow” points in Italian and Slovenian territories. The presence in the partnership of public bodies, park bodies, Slovenian Municipalities, partners working in tourist sector and Local Development Agencies and Groups will contribute to the achievement of the results for the structuring and the promotion of Slow Tourism offer that will characterize Italian and Slovenian tourist circuit along water ways and in valuable naturalistic sites.


The achievement of the fixed objectives is foreseen through the realization of several activities, called “Work Packages”, involving actions of project Management and Coordination; of Strategic Planning in order to analyze the context, to define guide lines to structure “Slow Tourism” integrated tourist product and organizing workshops in partner areas; of Slow Tourism joint development with pilot actions, the implementation of guide lines and the creation of the Slow Tourism circuit, the structuring of Slow offer for cycle-tourism, river tourism, birdwatching, nature and sport tourism; of joint marketing, in order to define a promotional media planning and to create a common joint logo; of training for tourist guides and education for schools; of preparatory activities aimed at jointly define the project proposal; of communication, through the definition of press conferences and dissemination activities.

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